Wickham Stone Park (circa 1969) is a collection of folk art, consisting of over 40 life-size concrete statues of political figures,Indian chiefs, politicians,patriots and religious figures. The park is the lifetime creation of Tennessee folk artist Enoch Tanner(E.T.) Wickham (1883-1970).


Thursday, March 11, 2010

where are the statues now?

Information about the current location and condition of the statues is on my site but I have summarized it here.


Blessed Virgin Mary with Snake/ Destroyed ...
Archway with cross / Fair / Buck Smith Road
Sleeping Dogs / Good / APSU/
Tecumseh/ Destroyed / ...
Wickham Family Cemetery Angel/ Good / Wickham Cemetery
Small Crucifixion / Good / Museum/
Bird and Flagpole/ Good Oak Ridge Road
Virgin and Children of Fatima,Three Sheep / Fair / Buck Smith Road
Joseph and Christ Child/ Poor / APSU
Totem Pole / Poor/Eagle saved/ ...
World War II Memorial / Poor / Oak Ridge Road
John Wickham on Horseback and Plaque with Bull's Head / Poor / Oak Ridge Road
Andrew Jackson / Poor / Buck Smith Road
Sergeant Alvin C. York / Good / APSU
Rider and Bull / Poor / Buck Smith Road
Austin Peay / Poor / Oak Ridge Road
Estes Kefauver, Patrick Henry, J.F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy/ Poor / Oak Ridge Road
Team of Oxen and Covered Wagon/ Poor / Buck Smith Road
W.D. Hudson / Poor / Oak Ridge Road
Sam Davis and Bill Marsh / Poor / Oak Ridge Road
Ft. Campbell Soldier / Good / Fort Campbell
Lester Solomon, Daniel Boone, Piomingo and Sitting Bull/ Poor / Oak Ridge Road
Father Ryan / Destroyed / ...
Crucifixion / Destroyed / ...

Buck Smith Road is original site in Palmyra, TN
Oak Ridge Road is relocation site for smaller statues. Its at Oak Ridge Road/Wickham Cemetery Road crossing.
APSU is Austin Peay State University, Clarksville,TN. Statues are in Trahern Art building
Museum is Customs House Museum, Clarksville,TN. I don't believe the Wickham Exhibit is on view now.
Fort Campbell is Fort Campbell,KY. Statue is in front of Soldier's Chapel

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